I'm not sure how I haven't put Shelby O'Neil in the spotlight yet, as we follow former MDI and Ellsworth students who are excelling at college and post college.

Shelby is in her 2nd year at Maine Maritime Academy, helping to anchor the Mariners defense on the soccer field. Last year, she started 15 of the Mariner's  16 games, and so far this year, she has started 8 of 11 games for MMA.

O'Neil and the Maine Maritime Academy Mariners play host to Husson University Eagles on Saturday, October 10th in a key NAC Conference game.

Rumors about that Shelby will be playing for the Mariner's lacrosse team in the spring!

I had the privilege of broadcasting some of Shelby's soccer and basketball games while she played at MDI High School. Shelby was a defensive specialist for the Trojan's basketball team, and she had a penchant for committing fouls in her minutes on the court. We would often tease her that we would wonder which would be greater, fouls committed or minutes played in the game. When she scored her first basket for the varsity team and I teased her she only needed 998 more for 1000 points she laughed and you could tell she was thinking "Hmmm I can do that!" You go Shelbs!