The MCI Huskies returned 8 offensive starters and 7 defensive starters from last year's team that went 7-2 and lost in the regional semifinals and it showed, as they defeated Ellsworth-Sumner 81-6 in the opening night of the 2014 High School Football Season in Ellsworth.

Ellsworth wasn't able to move the ball at all against MCI in the first half, as they gained 0 net rushing yards in the first half as a team, and the three first downs they were able to gain were as a result of MCI penalties.

Meanwhile, MCI took a 28-0 lead after the 1st Quarter, and 54-0 lead after the 1st Half, on the strength of Jonathan Santiago's 7 carries in the first half for 200 yards and 5 touchdowns. Santiago finished with 8 carries for 225 yards in 3 quarters.

Ellsworth was able to gain 3 first downs in the 2nd half, and scored on a 63 yard touchdown run by Michael York with 16.9 seconds remaining in the 3rd Quarter.

Scoring Recap

MCI 7-0 Santiago 14yard run, Hathaway Kick 8:32 remaining 1st quarter

MCI 14-0 Santiago 56 yard run, Hathaway Kick 6:13 remaining 1st quarter

MCI 21-0 Santiago 36 yard run, Hathaway Kick 3:28 remaining 1st quarter

MCI 28-0 Santiago 41 yard run, Hathaway Kick 2:38 remaining 1st quarter

MCI 35-0 Hathaway 24 yard run, Hathaway Kick 9:30 remaining 2nd quarter

MCI 41-0 Santiago 42 yard run, PAT no good 7:48 remaining 2nd quarter

MCI 48-0 McKenna 42 yard run, Hathaway Kick 3:29 remaining 2nd quarter

MCI 54-0 Bertran 1 yard run, PAT no good 1:24 remaining 2nd quarter

MCI 61-0 Vigue 7 yard run, Hathaway Kick 9:03 remaining 3rd quarter

MCI 69-0 Moss 18 yard run, 2 point conversion good 7:07 remaining 3rd quarter

MCI 75-0 Moss 42 yard run, 2 point conversion no good 3:10 remaining 3rd quarter

Ellsworth 75-6 York 63 yard run, 2 point conversion no good 16.9 remaining 3rd quarter

MCI 81-6 Moss 58 yard run, 2 point conversion no good 8:47 remaining 4th quarter


Next up MCI hosts Dexter Friday September 12th, while Ellsworth travels to Stearns next Friday, September 12th at 7 PM.