Stores are starting to fill up with school supplies as parents get their children ready for the fall. But for many single or out-of-work parents, buying school supplies is nearly impossible. That’s why Manna in Bangor is currently collecting donations of those supplies.

Manna's Executive Director Bill Rae says it's not easy for people to ask for help. But those who wish to sign their children up, can do it starting on Monday, August 5th.

"This is what makes it so hard, because Moms come in here and it's very humiliating to ask for help. But that's what makes a good parent to ask for help. They come in and say they have a child in a certain grade, we check with the school to find out what the child needs, we sign them up, and they come back about two days before school starts to pick up what we call 'the tools they need to start school'."

Rae says donations of all sorts of school supplies are needed including three ring binders, calculators, pens, pencils, colored pencils, and especially backpacks. All the donated items should be new.

All donations can be dropped off at Manna, 629 Main Street in Bangor. And again, parents who wish to receive the donated school supplies for their children can begin signing up at Manna on Monday. The children will receive their new school supplies at the end of the month.

For more information, call Manna at 990-2870.