The Governor's Energy Office completed their weekly heating fuel price survey and there's good news and bad news.

The price of home hearing oil in the state is down, averaging out at $3.27 per gallon, down 27 cents per gallon from a year ago.  Of course the price per gallon fluctuates depending where in the state you buy it.  The Office said the average statewide price ranged from $2.88 to $3.60, with the most expensive prices in Northern Maine.

Home heating oil prices have declined significantly in recent weeks and are expected to continue to do so.

The price of kerosene is also down to $3.83 per gallon, five cents a gallon less than it was a couple of weeks ago.

Not so good news for folks who heat with propane, it has increased in cost to an average of $2.86 per gallon statewide.

According to the Office's press release, demand for natural gas is very high and that "natural gas prices are projected to be much higher in New England than the rest of the country, due to constrained pipeline capacity."  This will also carry over to the price of electricity, as power plants use natural gas to produce it.

Households in Maine continue to switch from home heating oil to other means of heating the home.  In 2013, 64% of Maine households used heating oil or kerosene as their primary heating fuel, which is down from a high of 80% less than a decade ago.