There were 26 homicides in Maine in 2013, and according to the Department of Public Safety, 12 of them were domestic violence related.

Back in 1997, the state legislature mandated the creation of the Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel, and it's been required to review the homicide cases involving domestic violence in order to prepare recommendations for change.

The mission of the panel is to improve the coordinated community response to protect people from domestic abuse.

The panel's 10th report was released this afternoon in Augusta.

Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese says there have been a number of things learned as a result of these extensive case reviews and the process is one way to honor the victims of domestic abuse.

Marchese goes on to explain that the 9th report from the Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel revealed a trend that indicated that an individual who committed an act of domestic violence homicide, may have threatened suicide at some point prior to the act of violence against another. That is not to say however that every person who threatens suicide goes on to commit homicide.

Marchese says this 10th report is dedicated to law enforcement which is one area of community response that has evolved a great deal in terms of understanding, and dealing with, a very complex issue.

"We've seen big improvements between the work of law enforcement and domestic violence advocates across the state and we think that's worth acknowledging," states Marchese.

This is the entire report for your review.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse you can find helpful information through the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence.

The domestic violence helpline is: 1-866-83-4HELP