Summer and a holiday that falls on the weekend means that there will be a lot of people on the roads. The Maine State Police will be ramping up its enforcement of speeding, distracted driving, and seat belt laws. And they've put together a video that lists the top 10 reasons for distracted driving. Do you do any of these?

I found this list interesting, partly because I can't believe people do some of these things when they're driving! I mean, how do you watch a video while also paying attention to the road? And that's the message, right? They don't. Next thing you know, they're off the road or crossing the center line. There's been way too much of that in the news lately.

The first thing you're going to do while watching this video is ask yourself whether you do any of these things. And the answer will be....yes, I do at least one or two. (hopefully not more!) I'm guilty of eating or drinking (non-alcoholic beverages) while driving. I've told myself that, if something ever falls on spills, I'll just let it go until I can pull over. But still...not a good practice.

Check out the list and ask yourself, are you doing any of these things? And if so, is there a way to avoid it? Maybe getting up ten minutes earlier so you can put your makeup on in the bathroom, instead of in the car!

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!