In reaction to Tuesday's stabbing incidents at the Bangor Mall, many Maine residents were shocked and asked, "Where is safe?" According to, if you're a Maine resident, you are in one of the safest places you could be. 

Source: WalletHub

Safety rankings were not necessarily ranked by safest based on just crime and violence but also categories like natural disasters, workplace safety, financial safety, road safety, and overall community safety. Maine's worst ranking in safety was for road safety and the best was natural disasters. Also worth mentioning is Maine's first place ranking for lowest number of assaults.

All of the New England states were ranked in the top 10 with Massachusetts taking first place as the safest state followed by Vermont and Minnesota.

Bottom of the list states are considered the least safe states. Mississippi gets the least safe title with South Carolina and Oklahoma coming in close behind.

Scroll over the map above to see each states ranking visit to see the full breakdown of rankings by state.