Pro tip: Under no circumstances should you ever place a loaded, semi-automatic .380 caliber pistol in your toddler's daycare bag! In Madison, Maine, 31-year old Adam Keene did just that when bringing the bag into his house -- and then forgot he had done so! That made for quite a scene the next day when his 4-year-old son inadvertently brought the gun to school! in April 2013.  Keene has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor reckless conduct, claiming the incident was unintentional. The gun, which Keene legally owned, had a round in the chamber and the safety activated. It was later discovered by an employee of the child's preschool daycare, owned by Elizabeth Rollins in Hallowell.

Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney said she chose not to pursue felony charges because she believed the incident was an accident. She reportedly said that the state had extended a plea offer to Keene, who has not yet responded to it.

(Source Reuters, Portland Press Herald)