Mainahs showed their humorous side for sure when naming the islands that line our east coast. With island names like Bumpkin, Lazy Gut, Junk of Pork, Hamloaf, and Scabby it's hard to guess which one was named one of the most unfortunate names on the planet.

With over 3166 islands on our coast we were bound to make at least one mistake naming them. Literally, according to the article about the 15 places with the most unfortunate names on the planet "Mistake Island" off of Jonesport is one of the most unfortunate.

Home to Moose Peak Light this island is just east of Great Wass Island.

Some of the other unfortunate place names according to are

  • Unfortunate Cove- Cook’s Harbor, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Disappointment Island- Auckland Islands archipelago, New Zealand
  • Little Hope- Texas
  • Sorrow Islands- British Columbia, Canada
  • Dead Dog Island- Killarney, Ontario, Canada
  • Murder Island- Argyle, Manitoba, Canada