We’ve got the snow, we’ve got the frigid temperatures, and Maine sure does have the trails!  It’s snowmobile season!

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has a new public service campaign aimed at snowmobilers.  It’s been a year now since the tragic accident on Rangeley Lake in which four snowmobile riders drove their sleds into open water and lost their lives.  In the past six years alone 40 people have died in snowmobile accidents country wide.

The new public service announcement that will soon air on TV stresses not to drink and drive, and to watch your speed.  Remember the law as to driving while impaired on a snowmobile is the same as when driving on the road, the legal limit is .08 percent.

Other aspects of the public service announcement highlight the need to be familiar with our surroundings, especially on lakes and ponds, and to be aware of bad weather.  Pretty common stuff that we should all remember.

The PSA is aimed at families and how fathers and mothers should heed the warnings and be protective of their children.  The Maine Warden Service also recommends telling others where you will be going before you depart.  The Warden service conducted 39 search and rescue missions last year.

Be safe  when sledding across our great state!