Here is a little documentary to prepare you for this weekend's paranormal fair at Fort Knox.

Little did I know that Maine is home to many a famous ghost. According to this documentary, Stephen King has been mining our state for years for these spooks and specters.

Here are just some of the tales covered in this video:

  • Jonathan Buck and his mistress, whom he accused of witchcraft.
  • The disgraced mayor who embezzled money and then took his life and now haunts his former home.
  • Sarah Ware who was murdered in Bucksport and who they suspect her body was left in a pauper's grave when it was filled in with water.
  • The ghost of a woman murdered by her husband for playing the same song over and over on the piano. Visitors say she still plays piano in a haunted lighthouse
  • And Al Brady, whose ghost is still running a muck in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Yep, we’re creepy.