On June 13, 2013 the U.S. Census Bureau released 2012 population estimates by age, sex, race and ethnicity for the nation, states and counties. According to the data, and press release by the Maine Office of Policy and Management, Maine's median age remains the oldest in the nation at 43.5 years, up from 43.2 in 2011. The median age for the United States was 37.4 years, and the youngest state was Utah with a median age of 39.3 years.

Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire were the three oldest states, based upon median age, in the United States. Maine had the second-highest percentage of residents age 65 and over at 17.0%, second only to Florida with a percentage of 18.2%.

Among Maine's counties, Lincoln is the oldest with a median age of 49.4 years, and Androscoggin is the youngest at 40.5 years. Maine has the highest percentage of white, non-Hispanic residents at 94.1% with Vermont a close second at 94.0%.