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A popular magazine has caused a lot of controversy this week over its decision to put Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover. The wisdom or foolishness of that decision aside, the accompanying article is a hot topic - what causes an outwardly "average" person to turn to terrorism? We'll bring you an interview that Townsquare Media's Susan Patten conducted just after the Marathon bombing. Husson University's Associate Professor of Psychology David Prescott talks with Susan about what contributes to such a frightening transition.

Then, Susan will talk with Maine Forest Service Forest Ranger Jeff Currier about outdoor burning. Maine has seen a lot of very hot and humid days recently which, despite the occasional showers, is forcing residents to be extra cautious about any burning, whether it's a brush pile or a campfire.

To hear more about both of these topics, tune in this Sunday morning for “Maine Concerns,” brought to you by the Townsquare Media News Team.