Every Sunday, Townsquare Media airs a public service program called Maine Concerns. If you haven't checked it out, you really should! We cover everything from local charitable organizations and their events, to health tips, and more.

This Sunday, we'll start out with a conversation about wilderness firefighting. This dangerous profession is in the spotlight after 19 firefighters lost their lives in a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona. Townsquare Media's News Director Susan Patten talks with Maine Forest Service Firefighter Jeff Currier about the dangers of fighting wilderness fires. Currier also offers tips for homeowners on how to protect their homes from falling victim to a wildfire.

In the second segment of Maine Concerns, we'll address an organization that is hoping to rebuild a sense of community. There's been concern in recent years that online social gathering sites like Facebook are destroying real, face to face community interaction. Susan talks with program organizer Patrick Myers about "Jack Does That."

The "hourly exchange" idea began sometime in the '70's as a way for people to exchange skills and services, at no cost. For example, if you spend an hour mowing a neighbor's lawn, you bank that hour, and can eventually exchange it for a service that you need.

To hear more about both of these topics, tune in this Sunday morning for "Maine Concerns," brought to you by the Townsquare Media News Team.