A  National Wildlife Refuge here in Maine needs your vote!  That's right, the puffins are counting on you!

USA Today is known for it's "Reader's Choice Awards," and the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge is one of twenty American National Wildlife refuges in the running for "Best National!"

USA Today describes our national treasure as: "Five individual refuges make up this complex that spans the Atlantic coast of Maine. Its more than 8,000 acres range in habitat from unforested islands and coastal salt marsh to upland mature forests of spruce and fir. Atlantic puffins, roseate terns, greater black-backed gulls, great cormorant and other sea birds dwell here, some of them having made dramatic comebacks."

The five islands are, Petit Manan, Cross Island, Franklin Island, Seal Island, and Pond Island. If you've boated nearby or have touched foot on one of these beautiful islands off of our coast, then you're quite aware that the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge is quite worthy of your vote!

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages the refuge, and the primary focus is on the nesting birds that inhabit the islands.  Atlantic puffins; razorbills; black guillemots; Leach's storm-petrels; herring, greater black-backed, and laughing gulls; double-crested and great cormorants; and common eiders are all species that after years of work have made it a habit to return to the islands to nest!

Currently, The Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge is holding the sixth position in the USA Today poll!  Make sure that you vote!  You can do so every 24 hours!