I love anything like magic or illusion. And my favorite, by far, is Criss Angel. I love his style, his look, and especially his talent. So when I saw the audition for Darcy Oake on 'Britain's Got Talent,' I was hooked! He's amazing!

A Canadian, Oake has been doing magic since he was a kid and has performed on stages around the world. He reminds me of Angel partly because of his t-shirt-wearing tattooed look and the music he plays during his set-up. But also because he's very, very good!

I'm including both his audition video and a video of a harrowing Houdini-like escape. Amazing! And apparently, although he didn't win 'Britain's Got Talent,' it's helped his career. A check of his website shows that he's touring Canada and the UK in 2015. I'd pay to go see him!