Technology has changed our lives so dramatically. When I was a teenager living in Bermuda, we used to get the CBS News with Walter Cronkite a day later, as they would literally put the news in a can and fly it to the Island. Monday Night Football was a week late. This was all pre-satellite days.

Now, just about everyone has a smartphone. Technology is helpful. I can Facetime with my parents in Florida. But now for the most part our noses are buried in our phones, our notebooks, laptops, IPads,and desktops. Dinner time talk is becoming non existent as everyone is looking at their phone.  Are you communicating within your house by text message? Don't laugh, my wife and I have been sitting in the living room, both on our laptops and I'll send her a Facebook message.

We need to make a conscious effort to put away the technology. See what's around us. Experience the sunset in person, not on Instagram or on Facebook.