In January, Maine lawmakers will weed their way through 401 newly proposed bills.  Committees will be set up to review, debates will rage on, and some new bills will be passed into law.

In years past, a lot of the bills have been killed dead in their tracks time and time again in Augusta, stuff like driving while talking on a cell phone and mandatory motorcycle helmets.  They have once again been re-written and will be proposed again.

But, one that caught our eye was a bill called LR2316, submitted by Katherine Cassidy, a democratic legislator from Lubec, and it would make the lobster roll the official Maine state sandwich!

A sandwich really doesn't get any more basic that the lobster roll.  It's essentially a hot dog roll or hamburger bun packed with delicious cooked lobster meat and maybe dolled up with a bit of mayonnaise.

Mainers and outa-staters alike all love a good lobster roll, and quite frankly, I can't think of another sandwich that could be the "official sandwich" of the state of Maine.  Can you?