Lexie the Golden Retriever is still missing as of Monday morning, February 16th. From Heidi Walsh on Monday morning at 10 AM

We are still following up a possible lead in the Freeman Ridge Rd/East Ridge Rd area but it was a very short sighting and searching in the area last evening produced no results. Continuing this this morning and have alerted friends in that area.

Our snowshoe foursome is heading out this morning at 10:30 to search more of the area from where Lexie disappeared and all the way to the Seal Cove Rd this time (about 2 mikes as the crow flies).

If anyone is out on the Seal Cove Rd today, please continue to keep a lookout for Lexie and maybe even call her occasionally. If you do see her, open your arms wide and call "Ready, Lexie, come!"

Thanks again for keeping your eyes peeled and your hearts sending good vibes.