Below is the letter that Dr. Matthew Janger the principal of MDI High School posted on the MDI Facebook Page, a open letter to the MDI High School Community

Dear MDIHS Community,

First, thank you all for the outpouring of support following this unfortunate event. So many folks have called, messaged, and come by to offer help. The custodians certainly have appreciated the baked goods and sandwiches. The custodians have worked tirelessly through the night and made remarkable progress. Teachers have arrived to help clean and pitch in where necessary. It’s still smelly, but most of the building is now livable. We should be fine by Monday.

I am particularly sorry for the seniors who are having this last few days of school disrupted. The foolish acts of a few students have had an unfair impact on everyone.

The Bar Harbor Police plan to issue a press release with information on their investigation. Many are understandably upset about the harm this vandalism has done. I hope that we will all act to strengthen our school and not respond with further conflict. The best way to handle such destructive acts is with acts of kindness and giving. I am sure that our student community will find a positive way to respond.

We will resume school events as normal after 2:15 today.

Friday, May 31
2:30pm - JV Baseball & Softball Practice 2:30-4:00
3:00pm - Sailing Practice at Southwest Harbor Sailing Center
4:00pm - Junior High Baseball & Softball Championships
6:30pm - Spring Concert in Auditorium

Because we have lost a day of instruction, we will need to adjust the school calendar. Here are the highlights.

Monday, June 3 - Senior Exams – Block C & D
Tuesday, June 4 - Marching Practice is Cancelled
Wednesday, June 5 - Marching Practice resumes
Thursday, June 6 - Marching Practice

Final Exams
Wednesday, June 12 – Final Exams A & B
Thursday, June 13 – Final Exams C & D

Friday, June 14 – Professional Development for Teachers
Monday, June 17 – Professional Development for Teachers
Tuesday, June 18 – Final Teacher Day

We will send updates as we know more.

Matthew Janger