Imagine not being able to use your cell phone while driving?  Could you handle that?  In doing so you may save a life, and it may be yours.

Yesterday Governor Paul LePage announced a new campaign aimed at saving lives on our roads, it's called "One Text or Call, Can Wreck It All".  Soon if not already, you will see  signs on the cargo area of trucks owned by private trucking firms, whom the Governor thanked for their participation.

LePage said that according to the Department Of Transportation, distracted driving caused 3,111 accidents in Maine last year.  State Police records show that 41 deaths over the past three years can be attributed to distracted driving.

LePage also said that he would like to see Maine's current laws changed to ban the use of cellphones and any other hand held devices that cannot be operated "hands free."  Maine currently has a law that bans texting while driving.

Bills have been submitted to Legislative committees twice in the past that would prohibit cell phone use while driving.  The bills were never forwarded to the Legislature for approval.

Colonel Robert Williams, the Chief of the Maine State Police said that special police details will be on the look out for distracted drivers using "unconventional methods",  such as standing on highway overpasses and looking down.

State Police will send the message, "no distractions and no excuses!"