Since 1991, the Island Explorer bus system has transported over 6 million visitors to and from various points in and out of Acadia National Park!

Not only does the bus system cut back on the amount of traffic to and from the area, it's also environmentally friendly as the buses are clean-powered by propane!

The L.L.Bean company has been a staunch supporter of the Island Explorer bus system by contributing $3 million for it's upkeep.  Today, the company will commit another $1 million as President and CEO Stephen Smith and Acadia National Park Superintendent Kevin Schneider meet up for a formal ceremony.

This year the Island Explorer bus system is operating eight bus routes that link Acadia's most popular destinations with parking areas, hotels and towns until Columbus Day, October 10th.  And the best part of it all, the ride is FREE!

For a full listing of routes, departure and arrival times, go HERE! image

The system also transports workers to and from the Jackson Lab, MDI's biggest employer, although that ride is not free.

We thank L.L. Bean for helping keep the air clean in Downeast Maine and millions of cars off the road!