I have been lucky to broadcast MDI and Ellsworth basketball for 7 years, and I have gone on countless bus trips with these young men and women. I have seen them progress from children to adults, and am pleased to say that I have developed enough of a relationship with some of them, that they come up and say hi when they return home after graduating and moving on. I have been in lots of gyms, and am proud to say that the MDI and Ellsworth teams have conducted themselves with grace, and done their community and schools proud.

This weekend, one student took it to a brand new level. That is Kyle Lamson, a sophmore at MDI High School, who is the student manager of the MDI Varsity Girl's Basketball Team. Now maybe you're thinking to be the lone guy, surrounded by 13 varsity girl's basketball team is a dream job, but Kyle takes his job seriously. He assists Coach Barker, and in my interaction with the team this year, I can tell you that the girls appreciate Kyle, and the role he plays.

Up in Presque Isle this Saturday, January 25th, the MDI Girls were playing in front of a packed gymnasium. MDI fans were asked to sit in certain sections, and when the Varsity Girls went to change, Kyle was saving their seats. Well, let's have Kyle tell it in his own words

The girls had just gone to get prepared for the game, and I sat exactly where they had sat in section E or D, and I wanted to make sure that their seats were saved. I spread out to cover the most space and a minute passed when a Presque Isle family came and sat right next to me, the father brushed up against me, and caused me to move over, trying to respect their space. I minded my own business and was respectful, the father had yelled a hurtful comment towards the referee, so I decided enough was enough, I asked him politely if he would not disrespect the refs like that if he was to sit here. He told me that he could say whatever he likes, and the mother who sat next to him spoke out loudly towards me, she spoke derogatory comment towards me and I politely asked "Ma'am can you please not talk about me like that" she continued to curse me and speak down on me, I started to get upset when Mrs. Carrol, Mrs. Mooers, and Mrs. Phelps stepped in to defend me. From there I left the bleachers and cooled off outside of the gym, the principle spoke to me and was distraught at the behavior of the parents, I explained the story and she deeply apologized. Later that night before the girls varsity game the same parents were called down to recognize their daughter for senior recognition night, I was taught to always show respect and never hold grudges, as they walked down, I happily clapped for them, I knew that had to represent MDI High School with dignity and respect, I clapped and clapped until they sat back down.


We recognize a lot of athletic accomplishments on this website. What Kyle did off the court needs to be recognized. Great job Kyle! You represented your school, your parents, and your community in the best possible manner!