Maine is abuzz tonight over the news that the bees charged in the deaths of three Dover-Foxcroft campers last May, have reached an agreement to plead guilty to 3 counts of manslaughter.

This Modern Philosopher has learned that the bees will most likely receive 12-15 years in jail for their crimes.

This is bullsh$%^!,” declared Phil Michaud, whose brother Brian and cousin Rita were among the victims.  “Those are killer bees, not manslaughter bees!  They knew what they were doing, and it was flat out, premeditated murder!”

Other friends and family members had similar opinions, but Phil’s was the cleanest of them all, so you’ll just have to take my word on the rest.

People are very unhappy tonight, and there is talk of mobs forming to attack some beehives out in the woods.  I’ve seen people with long sticks and flashlights gathering near the courthouse, and I hope they come to their senses.  Nothing good can come of this.

I spoke to my friend, famed Bangor Attorney Cy Brown, to ask him why the prosecution would even offer a plea deal in a case that has had the courthouse swarming with people buzzing about the outcome.

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