One of our most requested Christmas songs year after year is John Berry's version of 'O Holy Night.' John's voice is just perfect for this song. And his interpretation starts out so gentle and ends in an uplifting and powerful crescendo.

I've seen John in concert several times and it never fails. Someone in the audience will ask him to sing this song, even if it's July! One concert I remember in Skowhegan the audience actually had to convince him to sing it because it was warm outside and really hot in the room. But, being John Berry, he gave the audience what they wanted.

John Berry is one of the nicest performers you'd ever want to meet. And if you ever saw him in concert, you probably him, that is! He performed several times in Skowhegan and always ended the show by saying something like seeing him was like going to church. You couldn't leave until you shake the preacher's hand. He then sat at a table by the door and shook hands with and signed autographs for everyone in the audience!