Well I knew I was feeling old, but I didn't know I was Grandfatherly old, but sure enough, I'm a Grandfather, and I found out via text this afternoon, as my son Collin informed me that he was a puppy Daddy!

This isn't some small puppy, that Collin had when he was little, this is Wilma, a Great Dane!  Now she sure was cute when she was first born, as you can see

But man oh man.. she's going to be one B-I-G D-O-G!

I'm very happy for Collin! Truth be told, my wife and I had just started scouring the humane societies to find Collin a dog. Collin was great to Wishbone, and the two of them practically grew up together!

We had Wishbone for nearly 18 years. But now Collin is off in Orono, he's the leasing manager at The Grove, and Wilma will make an excellent companion and the two of them are ready to embark on a life together, and it makes me feel O-L-D.

Can't wait to meet my grandaughter!