If your toilet could talk it might tell you some of the things that Maine waste water treatment crews want you to know.

Seriously. The Associated Press is reporting that a public service campaign is being launched in other parts of the country to talk about the three P's, and what's clogging up municipal waste water systems.

The three P's of course are pee, poop and paper, and it's the latter that waste water treatment folks want you to pay close attention to.

Apparently too many products that claim to be "flush-able" are clogging up pipes and drains, like "wipes."

Some people are apparently flushing everything from cat litter, to condoms, to dental floss, not to mention the occasional dead goldfish.

According to the AP report, they checked in with the Portland Waste Water District to see whats being flushed and here's the breakdown from 2011:

— 42 percent paper products, including paper towels

— 24 percent baby wipes

— 17 percent hygiene products, including feminine pads and tampons

— 8 percent ‘‘flushable’’ wipes

Even the Tidy Bowl Man knew certain things were tough on the 'ole septic system and pipes.

Perhaps if we had a little guy motoring around in our toilet we'd be less apt to throw things down the flush that clog up the system.