Add a little "LOVE" to your ride!

There's no doubt that you've seen the iconic pop art image "LOVE" created by Robert Indiana back in the early sixties.  It's appeared on just about everything, the sides of buildings, sculptures in the park, and now it may even appear on a Maine license plate.

The Maine Arts Commission, Maine Magazine, and the Maine Crafts Association, would like to see the LOVE image on Maine license plates become a reality.  They'd like to see 2000 Mainers pre-pay the $29 for the new LOVE specialty plate.  When the goal of 2000 is reached, the Department of Motor Vehicles will release the plate to those 2000 and the rest of the State.  Proceeds from the plate will go to the Maine Crafts Association, a local organization supporting the arts in Maine!

If you're interested then go HERE!

Maine Arts Commission photo