This is a cool story…pun intended I guess, about a guy who wanted to build some winter habitat for his kids and wound up with a cottage, or in his case castle industry. The dude’s name is Brent Christensen, who, oddly enough, now lives in Hawaii. Brent started a by building elaborate slides and ice towers for his kids in his backyard in Utah. Using water and wood he was successful but then come thaw would end up with quite a mess. He also tried ice blocks but eventually came up with the process of making and harvesting ice icicles crisscrossing them to make the structure.

It actually costs over $10,000 to have one of these built and thanks to his design and the maze of sprinkler system needed to make it all happen the structure actually grows over its season.

His latest masterpiece is at Loon Mountain in Lincoln NH., not too far away where you can pay between $8- $10 to walk through this castle boasting 58 towers, tunnels, archways and light show.

The designer Christensen, says ”there's a significant amount of mechanical work and engineering involved in designing the castles and setting them up. But Mother Nature handles the artistic side.”