59-year-old William Hotz of Long Island  found himself in jail after ordering ice cream the other day. He was arrested after an alleged violent confrontation at a Carvel ice cream shop -- all over an expired free ice cream coupon. Police say after receiving his cone, Hotz gave the 55-year-old woman working at the counter a "one free ice cream cone" coupon. The woman told Hotz that his coupon was expired and he would need to pay for it. Hotz decided to leave instead of paying so the woman confronted him outside of the store. That's when Hotz allegedly punched her several times in the face. The victim reportedly suffered a cut and swelling to her lip. When police showed up and Hotz refused to be handcuffed and flailed his arms and twisted his body. After back-up arrived Hotz was finally subdued and arrested. He's now charged with robbery and resisting arrest.Hopefully they serve ice cream in jail.

(Source Fox News)