I have Spring Fever! Even though it's 31 and feels like 19 at 4:20 PM on Sunday, March 9th, it's sunny out, and we've had two days of melting snow. Our back porch is snow free after my wife, Bonnie, shoveled off the remaining snow yesterday, and our dogs have actually spent time on the back deck in the sun. Even my wife has a case of Spring Fever, as she removed our Jack Frost flag, and put out the St. Patrick's Day flag, on our front porch.

With the moving of the clocks forward this morning at 2 AM, sunrise tonight in Bangor is at 6:33! I love the "extra" hour of sunlight, but I know I'll be tired in the morning, and it will take me a couple of extra days to adapt.

You Tube has a featured channel today of Daylight Savings: 10 Things to Do With the Extra Hour. One of the videos was this. Yes, I have Spring Fever, but I'm waiting for Summer!