Remember the '80's TV shows? Maybe you watched it as it happened, or have caught reruns on TV Land or Nick at Nite. I challenge you to take this fun 2 minute quiz and see how you do! You can take it by clicking HERE

I did really well. Here are my results!

Congratulations, you have a mastery of 80's television! From cop shows to family sitcoms, you are truly a student of popular 80's television! You probably remember cramping around your old TV and getting immersed in your favorite shows, and talking about them with your friends at work or school. There was never anything like 80's TV before, and there certainly hasn't been since. This was the era of theme songs with lyrics, and we all know you were singing the Cheers theme song every time that show came on - "Just go where everyone knows your na-a-ame." You're probably singing it right now, you prodigy of the 80's! Share this quiz and let's revive fond memories of 80's TV with your friends.