You may remember when the helpful advice of hotel Impossible came to Brewer to upgrade the Vacationland Inn. If you loved that show you are going to love this one, too.

Only this time the reality TV show ‘Hotel Impossible’ is in downtown Bangor. The victim…I mean benefactor of this episode is the Historic Charles Inn. If you are new to the show, the idea of the show is to find struggling hotels and facilitate an extensive makeovers.

Construction and film crews began unloading yesterday downtown and it is posted all around the square that if you wander onto the area you are consenting to be on TV. You have been warned.:)

The show comes to us from The Travel Channel and features veteran hotelier Anthony Melchiorri, who is shown secretly scouting a single hotel in each episode and identifying problems.

After meeting with hotel owners and staff, Melchiorri and his crew develop and implement a plan for physical, cosmetic and procedural changes to help the struggling business.

A little history from the BDN: The Charles Inn was built in 1873. The building has 30 rooms, an art gallery and a bar. Converted to a hotel in the early 1980s, it was previously the home of Viner’s Music.

It was not clear when Travel Channel will air the episode featuring The Charles Inn. Good news is we won’t have to wait to see all the upgrades.