A man wearing a mask and carrying a gun tried to gain entry into a home just before 3 Sunday morning. The homeowner was able to prevent him from getting in and the man took off. Quick thinking from the responding officer lead police to the suspect.

Sergeant Lee Miller of the Old Town Police said in a press release that responding Officer Emery was headed to the Bennoch Road residence when he was passed by a vehicle going in the other direction. He didn't know if the suspect had a car, but noted down the license plate, just in case. When he learned the man did have a vehicle, he ran the plate and found it was linked to a student at the University of Maine.

The vehicle was located by University Police, who noticed the rear plate had been removed and there was evidence of the crime inside. Officers from Old Town, Orono, U-Maine, and Veazie Police went to the suspect's dorm room and briefly spoke to him through the door, at which point he barricaded himself inside. Because he was known to have  firearm, the dorm was evacuated and the State Police Tactical Team was called.

But, while the team was still on it's way, police believed they could hear the suspect trying to harm himself. Officers broke down the door and discovered that their suspicions were correct. He was taken into custody after resisting arrest.

The suspect has been identified as Luke Cushman-Cole, age 21 of Fletchers Landing Township in Hancock County. A search warrant is being performed at the dorm and on the suspect's vehicle. There's no word on what charges will be filed.

Old Town Police were assisted by the Orono Police Department, University of Maine Police Department, and the Veazie Police Department.