Imagine my surprise this morning when I came to work, and found 30 thank you notes hand written by the 2nd graders from Hancock Grammar School! Talk about making my Monday morning

If you haven't been following, the 2nd Grade Class at Hancock Grammar School has been studying the United States, and taking part in a 50 Postcard 50 Day Challenge! Their initial goal was to collect a postcard form every state, in 50 days. Well, as of Friday, March 4th, they had received postcards from every state with the exception of Indiana! And, they had received 355 postcards.They upped the ante, because if they receive 500 postcards, they are going to have a pizza party!

Well, looks like they can count on 30 postcards from me, because I'm going to hand write (neatly so 2nd graders can read them... so this will take all afternoon!) a postcard to each individual 2nd grader and reply to what they wrote me!

Thanks Hancock County 2nd Graders! Can't wait to meet you!

If you want to send them a postcard the address is 2nd Grade Class Hancock Grammar School, 33 Cemetery Road, Hancock, Maine 04640