I drove to Brewer this morning to do the weather, and it was no treat. The roads between Bangor and Brewer, which I'm assuming are like most throughout Eastern Maine, are hard and bumpy, with the rain that's falling turning to ice, and creating slippery conditions. Add to that, there is a lot of standing water as storm drains have frozen over and been covered by the snow and ice!

As I was driving, plow trucks are out, and their blades are kicking up fountains of water from the roadways. They are plowing more water than snow and slush, and that's a good thing, because tonight the temperatures are going to fall back into the teens, and any standing water is going to freeze! They are also spreading sand and that's turning to a muddy slurry on the roads

If you live near a storm drain you can help by trying to shovel it out and give the water a place to go, and get out of the roadways. Be sure to check your roofs. There are lots of buildings with leaks, and this rain is going to add to the weight of any snow on the buildings.

Remember to slow down driving and watch out for the puddles! Tap and test your brakes when you drive through them!