The US Treasury is in the process of picking a new person for the $10 bill. It's almost certainly going to be a woman, and there has been a pretty cool debate over the last several months about who it should be.

I think US Senator Margaret Chase Smith should be among the leading contenders. Go Maine!

Whilst cruising reddit today, I found these posts of bills that have been *converted* into some pretty funny stuff. Movie characters, famous TV painters, fast food chain mascots, you name it! (Bob Ross & Ronald McDonald above).

Just remember kids.... federal law makes it a crime to deface or destroy money. Let's just enjoy other people's crimes! Don't do this at home!

Lincoln, Yoda, Walt Disney, Princess Leia & More...

The Terminator, Jack Nicholson & Van Gogh

Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas & More!