WDEA is a Downeast tradition, and 2015 gave us yet another opportunity to tell our listeners what happened around Hancock, Washington counties and the rest of eastern Maine.

From our coverage of local sports teams to the events that had everyone talking, we've been busy here at our little station. We even had some time to take a look at some funny things around the state and the country, just to give you a laugh.

Here are the 10 most read stories on WDEA for the year that was 2015.

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    Brewer Police Officer Taunted [OPINION]

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    Back in July, a Brewer police officer posted a Facebook message to the occupants of a car that drove by his home and yelled insults. The response to the incident and his message to the young men in the car was overwhelming, and our post was seem more than 19,000 times.

    Cindy Campbell
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    Sportsmanship Lacking in Houlton, Mattanawcook Academy Game [OPINION]

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    When Houlton Shiretowners star Kyle Bouchard was on the receiving end of several hard fouls against Mattanawcook Academy in their Jan. 23 match-up, basketball broadcaster Chris Popper had a few things to say about the poor sportsmanship exhibited by some of the Lynx players. The videos that documented the flagrant fouls have since been removed from Facebook, but there were repercussions when the Lynx coach resigned and two players were suspended. The story was viewed more than 18,000 times.

    Anna Travers
  • 3

    Maine Has a New ‘Most Dangerous City’

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    When the Lewiston Sun Journal reported that Maine had a new "most dangerous city," based on preliminary 2015 data, our readers were interested. Turns out those new statistics didn't make a city close to home look very good. The story was viewed more than 15,000 times.

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    Alex Trebek Says 'Turd Ferguson' [VIDEO]

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    When a contestant on Jeopardy channeled "Saturday Night Live" to make the game show's very serious host, Alex Trebek, say "Turd Furgerson," it was funny! We wanted to make sure you saw it, so we just had to share! It's still as funny today as it was in September.

  • 5

    10 Places Every Stephen King Fan Must Stop While in Bangor

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    Stephen King is easily the most famous Bangor resident there is. When we listed the 10 places every King fan must visit when they come to Bangor, the response was impressive! From his home on West Broadway to some more obscure places around the city, we covered them all!

    Hampden Academy Yearbook
  • 6

    More Than 20 Vehicle Accident Closing I-95 Northbound

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    A terrible crash on Intestate 95 in February involved more than 40 vehicles. Our news department gave us frequent updates of the scene and the multiple injuries that occurred. The crash took place in heavy snow, a good reminder for us all as we await the first real storm of the winter.

    Maine State Police
  • 7

    Sox Honor Orsillo [VIDEO]

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    When Boston Red Sox fans bid farewell to longtime announcer Don Orsillo, we had our own thoughts on the decision to let Orsillo go. So did you! He's since moved on to San Diego, and the Padres are lucky to have him!

    Getty Images
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    Newscenter’s Jackie Ward Leaving

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    Jackie Ward was one of our favorite local newscasters who kept us entertained with her storytelling and humor. When she left for San Francisco, we were sad and so were you. We still remember when she appeared on the Danny Cashman show. Classic dance moves.

    Jackie Ward via YouTube
  • 9

    Budweiser Commercial in Honor of 9-11 Aired Only Once [VIDEO]

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    The Budweiser Clydesdales are an iconic symbol in American culture. It’s one of those images that you can identify, whether they actually have any Budweiser labels or not. On the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, we took a look at a touching commercial that aired only once.

  • 10

    Big East All Conference Awards

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    When the Big East coaches have voted for the All Conference Awards for the boys and girls for 2014-15., we were among the first to bring you the news. Those teams included local players such as MDI's Sierra Tapley, Kelsey Shaw and Sarah Phelps and Ellsworth's Nick Bagley and Bruce St. Peter.

    Chris Popper