There's certain things that only folks living in Ellsworth know about, or remember well from the past!  Maybe the following things ring a bell with you.


  • 1

    During the winter, the place to slide down a hill is the old White Birches golf course

    While it's officially on the Thorsen Road in Hancock, folks in Ellsworth call the hill their own.  One can usually slide at least three hundred feet down the hill, which makes for a long walk back, but well worth it!

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    You remember driving both ways on the hill on the Bar Harbor Road.

    Not that many years ago you could drive up the hill or down the hill on the Bar Harbor Road.  Then Myrick Street was expanded, (see next story). Now, when one is departing China Hill with their egg rolls and pork fried rice, there is no choice but to turn right and go up the hill.

  • 3

    You remember when Myrick Street was just a back country road

    Long before there was a Home Depot and Wal-Mart on top of the hill, there was just a big ol' field with a very narrow, twisty and not paved very well Myrick Street that connected Route 1 with Route 3.  Not many people used it, and for good reason.  Now, Myrick Street is a royal hodgepodge of twisted and merging lanes guaranteed to confuse any tourist from Michigan, along with most from the area too. MANY people use it, and wish that they didn't have to.

  • 4

    You remember when you could throw a Frisbee from one end of the Maine Coast Mall parking lot to the other.

    Back in the seventies young people would gather in the parking lot of the biggest shopping center in Downeast Maine, hang out,  and throw Frisbees to each other during the night long after the shoppers had gone home.  This was before there was a Governor's Restaurant, a Coffee Express, hundreds of stop signs, and various other obstacles in the way.

    Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images
  • 5

    You know the back way to Bar Harbor.

    While flat-landers are filling up High Street, you're smart enough to bypass the traffic and head out Water Street, where it will quickly turn into the Bayside Road.  Eventually you take a left onto the Goose Cove Road, then another left onto the Oak Point Road, which will then meet up with Route 3.  Meanwhile that New Yorker in the Cadillac is still chomping his cigar and wondering if he should take a left back at the light back at the Triangle.

  • 6

    You remember these area businesses and probably wish that they were still there.

    Dick's Restaurant, DeOrsey's Audio and Video Store, the Hilltop House, the Aloha Lunch, Bucky's Video World, Mr. Paperback, Ames, King's, Britt's, the Maine Coast Mall Cinema, the Oyster Bar, the Tidewater, the Round Up, IGA, WIlley's on Main Street, the Grasshopper Shop, The Pizza Place, JJ Newbury, the Trenton Drive-In, Bill's Store, Welby Drug, The Brookside Restaurant, Laverdiere's Drug Store, Roy's Pizza, Crane's Market, the Triangle Diner and Chuck Wagon.

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  • 7

    You know who used to live on the Moore Road.

    On the way to Otis on the Mariaville Road take a right onto the Moore Road.  In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Garry Moore was an entertainer, comedian, game show host and host of his very own self-titled TV show.  He hosted very popular shows like To Tell The Truth,and I've Got A Secret. He once had a summer home on the Moore Road. Garry Moore passed away in 1976.

  • 8

    Your wallet is a little lighter.

    Yes, this past tax year showed another significant property tax increase where the average homeowner ended up shelling out an average of $200 more.  Hey, we didn't need it anyway, right?

  • 9

    You know who really was in that Santa Claus suit.

    One Santa used to own a pool hall in North Sullivan, and then when he retired another Santa came along, who rode shotgun during your driving test as you tried to get a license.

  • 10

    Shopping in Hannaford on a Saturday in July is like going to war.

    The aisles are over run with family units of out-of-staters, test tasting food at the deli and cleaning out the beer cooler.

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