Author J.K. Rowling turns 50 today, July 31, 2015. For us mathematically challenged, that means she was born in 1965. Rowling, who authored the Harry Potter series, was a single mother living on welfare when she wrote the first books.  Written on a manual typewriter, the manuscript for the first Harry Potter novel was rejected by 12 publishers and paid her just £1,500 (less than $3000) as an advance when finally accepted.

I loved the Harry Potter books, and used to do radio remotes at Mr. Paperback in Bangor every time a book was released. I would purchase the book at midnight, and remember fondly listening to the books on tape and CD with my younger son on his hockey trips.

I was surprised to see on Facebook this morning, someone saying they had never read the Harry Potter books. So it made me think and want to know