Today, June 5th marks Henley's 6th Birthday, and officially 1 week since he joined our family!

Henley is now making himself firmly at home! I walked down into the living room at 4:15 this morning, and this is what I saw...

Yes, Henley has found the couch, and the pillow! He was mid yawn when I snapped the picture! He's eating well, and getting along with Wishbone and Bob. Henley still won't sleep in our bedroom, but does sleep outside it, on the bathroom floor and on the couch as evidenced by the picture!

He did get an early birthday present last night. It was a new rope toy with a tennis ball in it, and we must have spent about 25 minutes playing with it! I was in Craig's room (my older son) and while he was working on his computer, I was throwing the rope toy on Craig's bed, so Henley had to jump on it to get it, and sometimes it would go between the bed and wall, and Henley would have to reach down and get it. My plan is working, because when I came out of the shower this morning, Henley was laying on Craig's bed! I'm hoping that when Craig goes back to college, Henley will sleep on his bed :)

Tonight, Henley, Bob and Wishbone will have a little ice cream to celebrate Henley's birthday! After all, we have to have a dog party!

It kills me to think that Henley was at the humane society for a month. Here's a dog that just loves to play and he was confined. If you can take a pet home I would encourage you to do so. Check with your local humane society, there may be fostering opportunities! You and the dog will love it!