Today is the 4th Anniversary of the Bangor Waterfront Concert Series. How do I remember this? It's also Jim's and my fourth anniversary, as that very first concert was also our first date!

For four years, Bangor has been treated to everything from Beatles tribute music with the Bangor Symphony to Heavy Metal festivals. We've heard Tim McGraw, Lynrd Skynyrd, Ray Lamontagne, and so many more amazing artists!

But it all started with Celtic Woman on July 28th, 2010. The show was sparsely attended (at least compared to current shows!)  But the sky was clear, the moon was nearly full, and the music was incredible!

Jim had been pursuing me for weeks and I'd been hesitant to get involved. But I knew he loved Celtic Woman and so, when I got tickets through the station, I asked him to go. Best decision I ever made! Listening to Celtic Woman on a clear summer night makes for a pretty magical first date.

Thanks to Alex Gray and the Waterfront Concert series for bringing so many amazing artists to Bangor over the past four years! We've loved all of it and can't wait to see what next year holds in store!