Happy 28th Anniversary to my best friend, Bonnie Popper. I sure have changed look wise over the years, but you are just as beautiful and breath-taking as when I first met you when I went to interview for the General Manager's job at the National Hotel on Block Island in Rhode Island nearly 32 years ago. It was love at first sight and every morning that I wake up and look at you I realize how lucky I am. You really are my better half.

This has been a crazy week, starting with Bonnie having had surgery. It's the first time she's been overnight in the hospital since our two fantastic boys were born in 1989 and 1991. As we prepared for the surgery and the doctor was talking about the post-op limitations I was laughingly thinking this is all a conspiracy to make sure I don't take you for granted and all the things you do around the house.

The week ended with the news of my cousin's death in the kayak accident, and the incredible survival of his wife off the coast of Maine. We have experienced the entire gamut of sickness and in health, good times and bad times, richer and poorer all in a week.

I was laying in bed this morning thinking wait, the richer part... I really should buy a lottery ticket today, but then I thought, we are richer in spirit for everyone that has reached out to us this week, and over the 28 years we have been married, and I truly mean that. But.. Just in case God wants us to be richer, money wise... I'm still buying the Powerball and Megabucks ticket tonight.

Bonnie... Here's to many more years together!