25 years ago today, November 17, 1989, our lives turned upside down, when my wife and I welcomed our son Craig, 8 weeks early, into the world. One of the neat things I do in managing the WDEA website is try and focus on the good things that our youth are doing. Today I couldn't be prouder to turn the attention on our son Craig.

Here's the post that I wrote 2 years ago, when Craig turned 23 and updated last year when he turned 24. It's scary to think that Craig is 25, becuase it makes me realize how old I really am, and even scarier to realize how many stories I have written for the WDEA website in the last two years :)

Craig is now buried in law school at the University of South Dakota. As a first year law student, we don't hear much from him, as is pretty customary, because it seems to be like the TV show Paper Chase. He spends hours upon hours at the Law Library, but he loves it, and still finds time to watch Law and Order! I know he will make a fantastic lawyer and his clients will be extremely lucky to have him represent them, in whatever field he chooses.

One of Craig's best attributes is his intestinal fortitude. If you look up determination in the dictionary, it will say "See Craig Popper". He has overcome so much in his life and there are great things waiting him in the future.

I hope you can take a moment or two to get your head out of the law books today, and savor the day! Your mother and I are extremely proud of you! Happy 25th Birthday!