This week we would like to introduce you to a loveable cat named Rodney.Rodney is a handsome brown tiger and is about 5-years-old.  He adores attention, loves to be held and petted and just wants to be the center of attention.  Rodney is a special needs cat, as he is FIV positive. FIV, short for feline immunodeficiency virus, is a slow-acting condition that affects a cat’s immune system. Cats carrying this virus must live indoors in a stress-free environment. Rodney must be kept away from other cats to prevent the disease from spreading. This means he cannot be adopted into a home that already has cats, unless those cats are also FIV positive.  To find out more about the disease, visit and type FIV into the search box.

If you think you might be able to provide the right home for the very deserving Rodney, please stop by our shelter at 141 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton. You can also call us at 667-8088 or visit our Facebook page or our website at