Applying to Habitat for Humanity usually involves hoping to get chosen for a new build. But the organization is currently taking applications to fill a house that it built in 2007 in Bangor. The five-bedroom, two bath house on Fifth Street is currently vacant and is being updated.

Habitat Bangor’s Executive Director Lynn Hempen says applicants should fall within some financial guidelines and be a family in need, meaning their housing is considered substandard.

"We're looking for a family in need. Substandard housing can be defined as too small for the family living there, too cramped, or infrastructure problems. It can also mean that the cost is just prohibitive."

And, she says, they will have to commit to 300 hours of sweat equity, just like the folks getting a new build.

"The family will be asked to volunteer in other ways, whether on a future build or here in our ReStore at 83 Washington Street. But before we close on the house we'll have that agreement worked out with the family in terms of hours."