The other day, we posted about Gunner and Leo who were lost in Seal Harbor. Leo was found rather quickly, but Gunner remained lost. Well, we are happy to report that Gunner has been found and reunited!

This from Gunner's mom "A woman had seen the posting on Facebook so when he ran past her out in the woods, she recognized him. However, she didn't have internet where she was at, so she called the local vet (whom I had spoken to) and they were able to give her my number. Within 5 min of his sighting, I was in the car and on my way to him! Once I got there I stayed in one spot and called for him for 15 min. Just as I was about to get in the car and drive around I heard him Jingling! I called for him and out of the woods he popped! He gave me a kiss on the way past to hop into the car where he quickly curled up and passed out! lol!"