If you've been on Google lately, you may have noticed a line at the bottom of the page that's addressed to high school seniors. Click it and you'll find this very cool video paying tribute to the Class of 2014!

I'm addicted to Google doodles. I'm actually disappointed when I click on the site (which I do every single day) and there's no fancy graphic or, better yet, interactive doodle. I love those!

So that's what I was expecting when I clicked the link at the bottom of the page - some sort of interactive doodle - maybe a cartoon of gowned seniors throwing their hats in the air. Instead, I found a brilliant video that sums up the high school experience in just over a minute.

Anyone who went to high school will get it. And anyone with kids who've gone through it will well up. Funny. Sweet. Touching. Awesome!

Congratulations to the Class of 2014!