This little girl is my hero. I have such a fear of anything that stings...hornets, wasps...any kind of bee. But Julia is not only fearless, she nursed a dying bee back to life and made it her pet!

I've learned to curb my fear to a certain extent. I mean, it's not cool for Mom to be jumping around and screaming because there's a bee in the car. Especially when the kids are strapped into car seats! Years ago I learned how to control the urge to run.

However, once a year the radio station is inundated with wasps that find their way in, looking for a warm place to spend the winter. I still have to go get one of the guys to kill it for me!

But this sweet young girl found a carpenter bee (they don't sting) when it was dying. She nursed it back to life and now keeps it as a pet. She even pets it! Check out the video. Way to go, Julia!