Lucky me! I get to have a medical procedure that you get to have every 5 years, if you're healthy. I'm scheduled for a routine colonoscopy and although the procedure isn't fun, I don't remember a thing once I get into the room.

I am a pretty big baby when it comes to having medical procedures like this. I have been in the operating room for all of Craig's surgeries, when the anesthesiologist put him to sleep. For the longest time, Craig was convinced that I was there during his entire surgeries, protecting him. It's a Dad thing. I told him that I would be there to watch over and protect him and it wasn't until he was over 21 that he realized I wasn't in fact there with him the entire time. It was a white lie, but I was the last person he saw when he went to sleep, and I was always there in the recovery room when he woke up.

I was on an ambulance squad in Block Island, Rhode Island before moving to Maine. I'm good with most things unless it involves eyes or teeth. I hate wiggly teeth. I was never able to pull my kid's teeth when they were loose.

Now, when I have the colonoscopy on Monday, I'll be brave. But I have a confession. Whenever I undergo a procedure like this, I always ask one of the nurses to hold my hand while I fall asleep. The last time I had this procedure, I told the doctor I didn't want to remember a thing, and he laughed and said that was good, because he didn't want me to remember a thing! So as long as we're on the same page tomorrow, and neither of us wants me to remember a thing, we'll both be good!

Now the worst part of having a colonoscopy is the preparation. You're on a liquid diet and you have to have clean bowels. Not to be gross, but it's not a pleasant experience. But it's better than having colon cancer and not knowing about it!

So follow your doctor's advice, get the medical tests you are told to have! There are a lot of worse things than having a colonoscopy, and advanced colon cancer is one of them!